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Prestige Avalon Park, Come Home to the City. Avalon Park is a community of elegant high-rise homes located within the upcoming ‘The Prestige City’ township on Sarjapur Road, which comprises villa plots, apartments, villas and a proposed Forum retail mall. Prestige Avalon Park at Prestige is definitely the best option available today for home buying and other facilities located at the property. You should contact Prestige Avalon Park at the earliest and take advantage of the price and the preferred unit.


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A brilliantly conceived self-contained world of its own. Centred entirely on you, and your needs and wants. Curated using advanced design thinking principles by the very best names in real estate planning, design and construction. This is where you can live the happy, contented and blissful life that you have always yearned for. A life that imbues you with a sense of well-being, devoid of all those everyday hassles. A life that enables meaningful, enduring relationships while protecting your privacy. A life that balances activity and relaxation, to keep you both energized and stress-free. A life that immerses you in Nature’s arms, presenting pleasing views all around. A life that leverages technology and design to assure you neverThe Way the Best of the World Lives! before the efficiency of living.

The Prestige City is located on Sarjapur Main Road and surely it is the center of everything. Work-hubs, schools, quality healthcare facilities, malls and hotels are all within close reach. Then, of course, the Forum mall is right next door with the best of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Sarjapur is where the new Bengaluru is rapidly coming into being, giving you the twin benefits of excellent metropolitan master-planning while being sheltered from all the city’s troubles. Unlike the inner city of Bengaluru, it is open and uncrowded, giving you the elbow room to live life on your terms without jostling for space with your neighbor. The Prestige City offers excellent connectivity via arterial roads such as the Outer Ring Road, State Highway 35 and the proposed Peripheral Ring Road (PRR) & Satellite Town Ring Road (STRR) to various parts of Bengaluru. It is a mere hop from such localities as Hosur Road, Whitefield, Koramangala, and HSR Layout. From the map on the next page, it’s an easy drive to and from any place to home. The Carmelaram Railway Station is just 9.5km away and the Bengaluru Airport is easily accessible via State Highway 35.

You Only Live Once. You Only Have One Earth to Live In! Responsible living and convenient living go together at The Prestige City, through a blend of design thinking and innovative technologies. Smart On/Off and dimming features bring down power consumption by as much as 30%. Special tap nozzles and globally proven ‘Smart Meters’ reduce water consumption by as much as 60%. Rainwater harvesting and Sewage Treatment Plants will augment water supply for common purposes like gardening, car washing etc. Centralised waste management, with segregated collection and disposal, is in place. Of such idyllic stuff is life at The Prestige City. Grassy expanses, bisected by cobbled, hedge-lined walkways, flowering shrubbery, and plenty of stately trees. Grass tickling your toes Breeze ruffling your hair Rustling leaves and flowing water Making a symphony in the air The simple pleasure of walking without worrying about crossing the path of a vehicle is yours to enjoy again. The roads are largely restricted to the periphery and parking is almost entirely underground. Yes, above ground the surface is almost entirely vehicle free - a green pedestrian’s paradise. Quiet and calm. You and your family get to live a safe, quiet life. Children can do what they are meant to: run and play without fear.

Not a room, or a Home but a whole Community with a View! Each of the more than 7000 homes at Prestige City offers you a view that is a feast for your eyes. When looking out of the window, or stepping out of the door, or taking a stroll, or driving to work - everywhere you look, you will be treated to a tapestry of natural beauty complemented by architectural elegance and laced with technological flavor. We call it Eternity Drive, but you wouldn’t be wrong in terming it the Digital Highway. Eternity Drive, a 2.8 km long arterial thoroughfare that traverses the length of The Prestige City from end to end, is the vibrant spinal cord that activates and energizes the community. More than 60 ft wide, it is lined with amenities designed to make life smooth, convenient and easy. The magnificent arched entrance to The Prestige City gives you a sense of ‘having arrived’. You are greeted by a 45-metre tall flagpole, one of the tallest in Bengaluru, atop which proudly flutters the Tricolour

Apartment for Sale Sarjapur Prestige City Avalon Park

Intresting Facts

Prestige Avalon Park is a part of The Prestige City Sarjapur and is the premium segment of the township with bigger units. It comprises of 3 and 4 BHK apartments in this block. Unit sizes start form 1361 Sq.ft to 2419 Sq.ft as the biggest size of the unit in the block. If the requirement is for a bigger unit then this is the block to proceed with.

3 & 4
BHK Apartment


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  • 1361 Sq.ft
  • Avalon Park Apartment for sale Sarjapur
  • 1536 - 1657 Sq.ft
  • Avalon Park Apartment for sale Sarjapur
  • 1898 Sq.ft
  • Avalon Park Apartment for sale Sarjapur
  • 2204 - 2290 Sq.ft
  • Avalon Park Apartment for sale Sarjapur
  • 1184 - 2419 Sq.ft
  • Avalon Park Apartment for sale Sarjapur

At The Prestige City central administration office, a professional, highly-qualified management team leverages advanced technologies and systems to ensure that all utilities, facilities and amenities function round the clock without a hitch. In quality of life terms, this means living in a clean, spotless environment where you are in complete harmony with nature. The custom created The Prestige City App enables you to interact with the administration office remotely get your work done faster and more easily. Sarjapur is a location which is driving a lot of attention form few years. This is all because of it's connectivity to different parts of Bangalore and the proposed developments which are going to come in that location. There are several developments which are planned in this location like peripheral ring road, metro, and road widening. Once the peripheral ring road development is completed for which the work has already started, it will be very easy to travel to Sarjapur from various parts of Bangalore. For now most of the road widening work has been initiated and in some parts it is also completed. The whole idea is to bring down conjestion of the road, as their are various large-scale developments ccoming in this location. With the start of large scale development coming to the location we have the first one with Prestige City, which is 200+ acres of residential township, one of the biggest townships in Bangalore. This Township is further divided into Avalon Park, Eden Park, Aspen Greens and acres. Out of which two are residential apartments with one luxury villas and one plotted development, which is almost sold out as of date.

In the old days, a family lived in the same house over generations. So did the whole community. Bonds between families transcended time and there was a shared sense of belonging. The modern urban family, however, moves house and locality several times as children are born. This disrupts sentiments of friendship and belonging before they can mature and ripen into lifelong emotions. At The Prestige City you can enjoy the best of both eras. Its diversity of housing options means that you will find the home that you need at every phase, right here. Compact homes to suit young couples. Larger family apartments. Villas for those who have scaled professional summits. And, villa plots for those who wish to invest for the future or build a home the way they want to.

Your home at Avalon Park is a well-designed haven that is abundant with natural light and ventilation, thanks to imaginative and intelligent planning. Open the windows and allow Mother Nature herself to keep your home cool and ventilated. The savings on power aside, there’s nothing quite like breathing in fresh air, is there? What’s more, look out of any window and you will see a tapestry of green pleasantness. Finally, you have a choice of sizes and room configurations to perfectly suit your needs across three-bed and four-bed homes. Avalon Park fosters an active, healthy and fun-filled lifestyle. You have an array of facilities to engage in physical activities of your choice and several avenues to stay entertained. The Avalon Park clubhouse offers a range of indoor, leisure and recreational amenities. And at every step you will bask in Nature’s bounty

Architect Hafeez Contractor (AHC) is India’s leading top architectural design consultancy firm, which has credits of 2500 clients and more than 7.2 billion square feet of ongoing projects in over 100 cities & 5 countries. RSP Architects is a global architecture and design firm with an enviable design portfolio of over 175 million square feet of offices, over 100,000 homes and over 40 million square feet of landscape. Coopers Hill is a landscape architecture company and is into urban design with landscape masterplanning and masterplanning consultancy, with multiple offices in Singapore, Bangkok, Bali and Shanghai, and an extensive portfolio of landmark projects in more than 30 different countries. AUM is an architecture firm with over 17 years of experience in creating diverse, world-class commercial and residential interior spaces for some of India’s best known corporate and real estate brands, using pioneering technology and global design methodologies. DesignTree is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy company specializing in “Fast Track” projects, with over a decade of experience in building large scale residential and commercial projects for India’s leading real estate brands.

Prestige City Avalon Park compromises of large sized apartment at Prestige Avalon Park. The block starts with a smaller 3 BHK and goes up to a larger 4 BHK. It is surely the most premium segment in society as it compromises larger unit sizes. This part of the township will cater to larger families and people who are staying with their families at the property. All want privacy for themselves, but the cost of the property of the reputed developer is so high that they need to compromise on it. Here at Prestige Avalon Park you can still opt for a larger unit like 3 BHK or 4 BHK which will be within your range or budget. It's time for you to visit the property at the earliest and book the desired unit at best possible price at the township in Sarjapur. Sarjapur is a peaceful and calm location with most of the international schools, colleges, supermarkets and shopping complexes nearby. So it is very easy for a larger family to adjust to the surroundings and take the benefit of peaceful living at the location. This lcoation is also close to various ttech parks so that it will save for you to travel to offices also. Prestige Avalon Park is in the center of Whitefield, Marathahalli, outer ring road, and electronic city. These are the major hubs of Bangalore where most of the IT jobs are placed. So one buying a property will always have peace whenever he is shifting his job. But with Pandemic just passing by and working from home is the need people want to stick to bigger communities with all the amenities into the property. This is the best solution available today for all home buyers.